Qatar are already showing their true colors

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The basic story is that once the Emir and his family entered the stadium, the guards locked the place down, keeping thousands of paying fans outside. Some were separated from their children because of separate entrances for the two genders. When the crowd got riled up by this they got a beat down. Also apparently some issues with confrontations between the locals bussed in to fill the place taking the seats of paying customers.

Much more at the link, including video.

What a surprise.

I think people are reacting mildly to this precisely because it isn’t a surprise at all.

It is horrible stuff, but not unexpected.

Funny, I don’t remember that being part of their presentation to FIFA.

And, yes, it is somewhat sad that this story isn’t getting much press, even in the UK where the FA has gone almost crazy with anger over not getting the World Cup, solely because everyone expects these problems to occur.

Well, there are a couple of bigger stories coming out of the Arab world these days…

Speaking of which, this seems like an incredibly stupid thing to do if you’re the Emir. Revolution is sorta the hot thing these days and this might be the very thing that pushes one more nation over the edge.

Qatar is super rich, I think he’ll be ok.

Plus, he’s got a handle on Al Jazeera that other states can’t match. That helps.