Qatari's protesting against US base now

what is this i don’t even

Except that Qatar is a sovereign state, not a bunch of separatists unhappy that someone might infringe on their right to own other people as property.

Yes, because as everyone knows the Civil War started when the North invaded the South because the South demanded Federal forts be vacated. Hmmm, wait, it feels like I’m forgetting something in there. Oh yeah, it’s that the South started the war by shelling Fort Sumter and your little analogy doesn’t make the slightest bit of fucking sense and won’t even begin to be a proper analogy until Qatar starts attacking US bases on its soil.

Cripes, you’re not advocating we allow Qatar to secede?!

They knew what they were getting into.

And Termite is the thing that produces both through its anus! :slight_smile:

VegeTermite… mmmm… I gotta go make more toast.

The North invaded the nation of South, no less.