Qatari's protesting against US base now

Qatari’s outside US base protesting to have the base closed down and American military to leave.

I would think that currently the only semi friendly Arab gulf face to the USA right now is Qatar.

Things are bad when the Qatari’s are moved to call for the closure of the US base there.

That only leaves Bahrain and they are under control of Al Saud who is changing his policy and friendship towards the USA.

Maybe be best for the Americans to move out of the region totally and go and annoy the Chinese and Russians even more than they are already doing if that’s possible.

A very rare sight in Qatar!!

A protest! :eek:

What happened to Kuwait?

By the way, as long as we’re on a conflating-minor-events-into-evidence-for-impending-major-geopolitical-shifts, I heard somebody in the U.S. State Department said “Fuck the EU”, so obviously World War III is imminent.

Cool picture, bro.

Got any words that go along with it, like what the official position of the government is?

The apostrophe-S makes Qatari possessive, which means that sentence fragment makes no sense. I believe you meant to say, “Qataris [are] now protesting against [a or the] US base,” but I can’t be sure.

English: It’s your language, so learn how to use it.

Whatever else - it is apparent that the US of A is not that popular around the world just now. Maybe you had better be extra nice to us Brits:)

I had been wondering who Qatari was, and why his individual opinion was so newsworthy.

In what world are you living where the US and the Saudis are less than “semi friendly?”

Do you have a cite that isn’t just a picture of a bunch of arabs standing around with signs? Googling Qatar protest military base gives this thread as the only relevant result.

Marmite clearly has this all figured out.

So by “now,” you mean September 2012?

I think the more pressing question is why they hate the US: is it because the Obama administration supports the Muslim Brotherhood or because the US is the Zionist entities’ lapdog. These are after all both views held by Marmite Lover without any hint of contradiction

Well, you know, these things take time to really build up and I’m sure the OP is just trying to get us ready to pull out of the Middle East when it all comes to a head. Since our last nominal ally in the region, Qatar seemingly, is poised to toss us out we really need to start considering a serious exist strategy. And since our foreign policy is all about annoying other countries, the suggestion that we have been neglecting China and Russia is a very cogent and insightful one. That’s obviously where we need to focus our annoying efforts and not on wasting our time in the Middle East, where people don’t like us…

…er, but then again, since people don’t like us anywhere, including China and Russia, I’m not sure how that would be better. Plus, they have nuclear weapons and stuff. Well, I’m sure it all makes sense to the OP, so that’s good enough for me!

Is the US base in Bahrain still operating?

How would annoying those guys help secure our oil supply? Or do you think the US just annoys people for fun?

It’s got to be rough being an Egyptian these days. On the one hand, they’re fighting radical Islamists; on the other hand, they have to hate Israel (can’t stop hating Israel!), even though Israel is *also *fighting radical Islamists. The cognitive dissonance must be migraine-inducing.

That’s why I can’t get angry at** Marmite Lover.** He’s having it rough enough as it is.

Huh, for some reason I’d assumed he was Australian.

If this is true, I think Lincoln, er Obama, should invade. Many Civil War threads have convinced me that a nation demanding another nation vacate a base in its territory is a cause for war.

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