Gulf States withdraw Qatar ambassadors thread 2

Moderator Jonathon Chance closed my thread on this issue.

In the opening post I put the source ‘Egyptian Streets’

In his first post he did not ask for any link because presumably he looked up Egyptian Streets and saw the article. I then added another article by a different site the Gulf News.

Again all it would have taken was for anyone looking at this thread to Google and fins out more information of which there is plenty.

BUT instead of doing that and reading and finding out more so they could debate the question I asked in the first post, they strangely have reported the thread and it was closed.

What is this?

Maybe the moderators can explain to me how it is possible to provide a link to breaking news on a news channel here in the MENA region so that other members can open and see the news piece when their own TV’s are not reporting it?

Secondly would the moderators like me to link the Arabic sites I get news from for this region? which of course would be of no use at all if they do not understand Arabic and which I try to translate for them?

Is news only true and relevant IF it is in English and on Western TV and media then?

The news from Qatar is big news indeed BUT only to the people who would click on the link to find out more because is that not what this forum is about?

Debating issues you are interested about or affected by?

maybe I am wrong and I have to check BUT I was not aware that every single quote and article members post here had to have alongside the source? is that right?

Does every quote in this site have a source cited? because I am confused now. They don’t as far as I am aware yet nothing is said or those threads closed.

As I said in my opening post.

Who will be Qatars friend except the USA and Turkey the main supporters of the MB now that the Gulf are recalling their ambassadors?
Qatar hosting terrorists and MB leadership and Hamas-FIFA World Cup-stopping airspace flights-GCC ejecting Qatar from the group and all the implications for the US naval bases and US military in Qatar-Qatari businessmen and investments being affected etc etc etc etc.

If you cannot see this as a big issue which will affect countries outside this region then please close this thread too. I expected that anyone opening the thread would at the very least be interested in the subject or know something about it.

If you are trying to get banned, you’re doing a great job. Just sayin’.

the link

would you like to debate the question I asked or are you just trolling?

One may not accuse another poster of trolling on the SDMB.

Warning two.

Though good job on providing a link to your source.

Qatar not only funds jihadists in Syria and supports the MB but also has a HQ for the Afghan Taliban in Doha.

Any of that worthy of debate on those who clicked the thread?


Its probably all worthy of debate. I think the problem some people are having is that you’re not debating it. You’re just posting long news articles without analsys.

There are tons of things to debate out there. What is the exactly is the debate in your mind, and what position do you take in your proposed debate?
Remember-this is your debate thread.

So answer me this, Marmite Lover: The United States has pretty good relations with Saudi Arabia and excellent relations with ‪UAE‬ (more U.S. Navy ships port there than anywhere else outside of the U.S.!) and Bahrain (headquarters the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet). So why are America’s proven good buddies acting so harshly to the other supposed good buddy Muslim Brotherhood?

You have to admit it’s an improvement over posting long news articles without attribution or analysis. Unironically citing World News Daily and such for proof of Obama’s secret Muslimhood, support for the Muslim Brotherhood, and the infiltration of members of the MB into key governmental positions under his administration certainly doesn’t help though.

If you didn’t know that, you have a serious observational deficiency. If you quote something off the board, you link to it so we can ensure it says what you say it does (or in your case, laugh at your choice of source).

Please keep the personal cracks out of Great Debates, please.

The MB infested Obama administration and it’s support for the terrorist group and Qatar against the rest of the Gulf and Egypt has made friendly ties deteriorate between them. If there are people out there ignoring the facts or are just ignorant of the facts then I will not waste time repeating them over and over again. For those that have a clue about the reality of the situation after Bandar was recalled to Riyadh from DC and all the events and statements by them since, my question is this. How long will the US support the MB against Saudi, UAE, Egypt and Russia who have all declared them terrorists?
Qatar could easily find itself out of the GCC. Totally stranded. Surrounded by hostile tribal families from the Gulf. It would then lose it’s US base since it is based on the GCC agreement. No food because a blockade would mean no food would get to Qatar from the Saudi border. Immigrant workers who make up the bulk of the population will leave and the World Cup will fall apart amongst other things. Qatari pride is at stake here and there is nothing worse than dealing with Arab tribal pride. The USA backed another wrong horse. Oman are developing closer ties with Iran and there is talk of building a bridge linking them. Kuwait, well you can all do your own homework on Kuwait.

One thing is a blessing though! at least we won’t have to listen to any more Muslim Brotherhood propaganda from the US funded Brooking and Rand commentators on TV. Alhamdullah for that!

The latest as the situation escalates.

I’m not going to debate this point with you. If you choose to ignore the MB infiltration and it’s members meetings and statements, the leadership of the MB statements and people like Elibiary then that is your choice.

Give me your thoughts on the question I posed above please. Because it seems like you’re “not going to debate” anything at all. You are all cut, paste and smilies so far.

I was a bit confused by the wall of text and the cut and paste jobs.

What exactly is the debate because the OP has specifically declared he’s not going to “debate” legitimate questions posed of him?

There is no debate because there’s no attempt at debate by the OP.