Quantity of U.S. currency ($100 bills)

I came across this article the other day.

A couple of questions occurred to me. How many $100 bills are printed by the U.S. mint each day, and, how much U.S. currency(in $100 bills) is in circulation at any one time?

The Federal Reserve would be the place to look.

lo and behold

4.21 billion $100 notes as of 2001

The site also has data about how many of each denomination has been printed over a series of years.

The US Mint makes coins. Bills are made by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

According to BEP:

From [and

From [url=“http://www.bep.treas.gov/document.cfm/18/94”]here](http://www.bep.treas.gov/document.cfm/18/106).

I’ve read that $100 bills are freely counterfeited in Russia among other places. Can anyone verify? [/hijack]