Quasi-Potluck ideas

I’ve read this thread:

Here is my situation. This Saturday (Feb 8,2014) my board gaming group is having all day game day (9AM-9PM or so). People are encouraged (but not required) to bring food to share. I usually make something more substantial. This is so I do not eat chips and cookies all day. In the past I have brought:
Cheddar Potato Soup
Salmon Chowder
Twice baked potatoes
Rosemary potatoes
Soft pretzels (with cheese sauce)
Cheesy potatoes

One of the members is a vegetarian (which is why there is a lot of cheese and potato stuff) but she will not be there. Someone who is deathly allergic to pork will be.

Since I can bring meat, I was thinking slow roasted (crock pot) beef. But I’d like to stretch that. The obvious answer is sandwiches or a pot roast, but any other ideas appreciated. One idea is to cook the beef overnight then stuff pastry shells and bake in the morning.

There will be about 16 people - though all may not partake in what I make (and some will have seconds)


You could do a crockpot of sloppy joe’s to serve on dinner rolls. Granted it’s ground beef, but it’s beef. :smiley:

To stretch the non-ground beef, if you are not talking about Italian Beef, you could stretch it with some chopped carrots and onions. If you ARE talking Italian Beef, you could stretch it with green pepper and onions. Serve either on dinner rolls.

Would either of those work for you?

Hope you have fun!

What if everybody just brought their favorite deli meat, cold cut, roll, sliced cheese, spread…

You could make some pretty awesome sandwiches with 16 choices, and it’s not labor-intensive or expensive for anybody.

Sloppy joe is good, as is vegetarian chili.

BBQ meatballs, dinner rolls, cheese platter, cut vegetables & dip

You could add peppers, onions, and salsa to the beef before you cook it, then shred the beef when it is done. Bring some tortillas and / or taco shells for serving.

Tacos do sound appealing, but I’m leaning towards dumplings.


Well, it’s not really dumplings, but you could do a nice beef stew and serve it in puff pastry shells. Pepperidge Farm makes frozen ones you could just bake up the morning before you get together. Make a stew with the carrots, onions, and whatever else you’d like - that’ll stretch the beef, and after it’s all cooked, keep it hot in the crockpot it in a good gravy. It’d be almost like an upside down beef pot pie (I guess that’s the only way to describe it).

Just for giggles and because I’m bored, I googled some recipes - I’ve always had luck with Betty Crocker recipes so here’s a Slow Cooker Beef Burgundy Stew with Herb Dumplings recipe. :slight_smile: