Queen Bee (a Joan Crawford movie)

I caught the last hour or so of this movie on TCM this morning (late last night?) and boy was Joan in fine form! That should be Queen Bitch, because she’s just in super biotch mode. I did a bit of follow up today, checking on IMDB, and it is claimed that Christina Crawford wrote in “Mommie Dearest” that she had to walk out of this movie halfway through because it was too true to Joan in RL. laughs

There was one scene at the dinner table where Eva (Joan’s character) pretty much emasculated the two men (her husband and a friend who was about to marry her husband’s sister); after Eva departed, trailing a mink stole btw, the men are commisserating and Avery (Eva’s hubby) picks up something … I couldn’t tell what it was at first, but I think it was a nutcracker! Props to whoever put that in the scene - except Joan didn’t even need it. :wink:

Eva just delighted, it seems, in making everyone around her miserable. Her cousin, who she invited to come and stay with them, had fallen in love with Avery; of course, Eva would never let her miserable husband go. Then, Avery’s sister, Carol, became engaged to Jud–who had apparently had an affair with Eva at one time. Eva, of course, had to tell Carol about the affair; Carol didn’t believe her, but Eva egged her on to “go ask Jud about it.” She did, he confessed yet also told her the affair was over long ago. It was enough to push Carol over the edge, however, and she committed suicide. So you see, Eva was quite the toxic person!

The movie was made in 1955, so Joan is a bit long in the tooth, but she delivers impeccably, imo. The only thing was, I was ready to leap into my tv set and strangle her, and that was after only watching part of the movie!

One of my FAVORITE movies :smiley:

I even have a copy of the book - lol (I’m sick). Also, one of my favorite film costumes is the black sheath number with the raspberry lined train that she wears at that “top of the stairs” scene; here’s a link (scroll down a bit - it’s right under the “The Women” spangled skirt)


It’s definitely high camp, and the clothes are fabulous, too!