Queen gambles.

Queen Elizabeth’s horse Estimate won the Royal Ascot Gold Cup.
There were many news stories in Australia on TV about this. They all mentioned that the Queen does not bet on horse races or gamble.
I remember watching docos about her where she bets 5 quid on each horse race.
Am I wrong or has she changed?

I’ve seen a documentary where she put money in a sweepstakes, where everyone in her party put in a pound or two and had a horse randomly assigned. Could that be what you’re thinking of?

From what I’ve read, she’ll bet a modest amount on horse races now and then. It’s not like she needs the money: Queen Elizabeth II Net Worth | TheRichest

Her mother bet quite a bit more aggressively IIRC.

Judging by the grin on her face when her horse won, she may have put quite a lot of money on it… :smiley:

She won a lot because she is the owner. But obviously given her wealth, that is not why she is happy there.

Her Maj should smile more often. She does love the nags though, and I can hardly believe that there aren’t a few bets being made. Running a stables is a big bet on its own, I guess.

This from The Daily Telegraph