Queen Mum has finally gone...

The CBC just announced that the Queen Mother died in her sleep, age 101. She was a grand old lady, and many of the WW2 vets I’ve met spoke very highly of her visits to Canadian troops overseas.

I just broke the news to one of my Royalty message boards.

Ouch. :frowning:

I know she was 101-but I guess it’s just that she’s been there for so long, she’s an institution. I can only imagine how people felt when Queen Victoria died.

Hell, the Queen Mum was a baby when Queen Victoria died. Talk about the death of a legend!

My condolences to all of the Empire. The Queen Mum was a grand ol’ gal.

Garry Flitcroft must be thanking his lucky stars.

And that’s all I have to say on the subject.

Gawd bless 'er, she had a good and privileged innings. I’m not a Royalist in the slightest and it’s unrealistic to pretend we haven’t seen this coming for years but I am sure she will be sadly missed by those who loved her, both as a person and a symbol of the old school of royalty.

I just heard this on the radio a few minutes ago… she will definitely be missed. My condolences and sympathies to the Empire on the loss of such a grand, well-liked lady.

On a more cynical note… I’m willing to bet Jenny Bond is secretly imagining the wads of cash that are going to be offered for her commentary in documentaries in the next few days. Apparently, she#s flying home as we speak.

Not quite as much as if she’d died yesterday.

The Queen Mum was one of a kind. Even the most hardened anti-royalist would not be without a touch of sadness today.


Quelle dommage!

My two favourite Queen Mum quotes, both from the War:

On being asked why she and the King didn’t send the two princesses into the country to be safe from the Blitz:

And, after a bomb hit Buckingham Palace:

Both summed up her pluck and courage.

R.I.P., Queen Mum

I grew up with stories of the London Blitz from my grandmother who’d been an ARP Warden, and my mum who’d been a teenager through the crash and boom of this many nights and days.

And I grew up with stories of royal bravery and positive, supportive actions.

The “Queen Mum” will be missed. Despite a lot of nasty tales in recent times concerning her family – she remained a worthy icon.

Bless your heart, ma’am, and rest in peace.

If you had her in the Celebrity Deathpool, do yu lose a point?

I always considered her and Rose Kennedy to be the same type of person. Stuck by their husbands and children, maintained their dignity through an awful lot, and lived to be ageless.


The Queen Mother was not exactly the nicest of royals, but she does deserve some credit for convincing her husband George VI to remain in London during the Blitz. The unpopularity of the royal family would have started in the '40s rather than the '70s had they hidden themselves away.

[hijack]Flitcroft doesn’t deserve his reprieve. Let’s just hope New Labour doesn’t see this as an opportunity to pass some unpopular legislation, as one now-thankfully-ex spin doctor suggested after 9/11.[/hijack]

The bookies at Epsom and Ascot are going to miss her regular and esteemed custom! And the value of Gilbeys (gin) shares will plummett dramatically in the next few days…

…so say this soothsayer.

Go peacefully on your new journey Queen Mum.

All I can say is that I wish our allies (from the US) condolences.

She was born the same year as my grandmother, and I always rather thought they’d both go on forever, however foolish that may be. Granny died a few years ago, and, while this peasant Anglo-American expat never had a chance of meeting the Queen Mum, I’ll still miss her.


I first heard about this on the SDMB, and I headed over to the CBC to check, and found all the news. :frowning: She was a reminder of what our leaders can be, in a time when too often they aren’t…

My condolences to all. I’m sure there will be a book to sign at city hall soon… and I’ll be there.

It’s the passing of an era. Think about it-when the Queen Mum was born, Queen VICTORIA was still sitting on the British throne.

Poor Queen Elizabeth (the daughter)-losing her sister AND her mother in less than two months.