Queen of the Stone Age anyone?

I am sooooo loving them!

Any insider info - fans?


I have only heard the one single, but I like it. It’s Dave Grohl, right? He;s a really god musician, IMHO. I’d buy the album (both QotSA and FF), but I’m cheap and don’t want to spend money :slight_smile:

I too am of the opinion that they rock. I just wish there was some sort of upper limit on the number of times a day that “No One Knows” could be shown on MTV2, its getting overplayed. Also, I wish they could play “Feel Good Hit of the Summer” before 3am…

A small note; its not Dave Grohl, he just did the drumming on their latest album. The actual QOTSA guys are Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri and Mark Lanegan. And they are also all incredible musicians.

IIRC, all of the members of QotSA were in Kyuss together, with a different vocalist. So you might want to check them out.

“No One Knows” is definitely overplayed, but it’s a good song. There are a few other good songs on that album, but it’s not mind-blowingly awesome. Still, compared to their peers, QotSA are looking pretty good…

Shit - I just found out they’re playin in town on the 12th, but on the Island at Nassau.

Pain in the ass to get to, even tho’ it’s probably sold-out.

I checked out a copy of this from my public library. The darn thing’s edited, though, and poorly since the word “fuck” is just bleeped out awkwardly, which kind of ruins “Six Shooter”…

And so that is Mark Lanegan on “Hangin’ Tree?!” Very cool. What else does he sing on?

Songs for the Deaf kind of reminds me of “The Who Sell Out” with the radio announcer interludes. I find it annoying. I guess I haven’t spent enough time with the album. It hasn’t set me on fire.

Well, that explains why I love the drumming on the album.

I was in shock when I first heard the drumming on “No One Knows” and kept thinking about how I thought there were probably only, at the most, five drummers in rock music today who could impress me that way. Grohl, of course, being one of them. He just might be the best drummer in rock today.

OK, I’ll stop.