Queen's security clamped while Queen visits car park magnate

Queen’s security clamped while Queen visits car park magnate: Queen safety police wheel-clamped in Portsmouth - BBC News

I got a kick out of this. I’m curious to see how it plays out, so if anyone comes across reports of the outcome, please update the thread.

Police have issued an all-point bulletin for this individual.

Before I clicked on your link, I was betting on it being a pic of the Queen.

This sounds really strange to me. Cops protecting the Queen get their vehicles clamped, but arrest the guy clamping.

So all terrorists need to do is pretend they are clampers to nullify security?

Good to see the Queen’s guard is ever vigilant.

Clamping being a low grade form of terrorism . . .

There was an incident a few years ago where a royal protection officer was attempting to unload his gun and instead accidentally fired it. The bullet missed Prince Andrew by inches. Sounds like a real winning crop of guards they’ve got.

It makes sense they wouldn’t say the queen was there. For security they wouldn’t say that.

Same with the Secret Service. If Obama drops by Bill & Hillary’s place for a drink and dinner. The Secret Service would never say anything (at the time). Unscheduled visits are safer if no one knows they are taking place. After they are over, then, the press can be told.

Watch Parking Wars sometime. Those guys are first class a-holes. Even if you work for the Queen. :smiley:

I must admit I have no idea what happened in the OP. Is this a Futurama episode with one of those gangster robots? The officers never left their car, but didn’t notice someone clampign them? Did they also fall for the banana in the tailpipe? I don’t get it.

There’s one thing that is confusing me.


So where they or were they not in the vehicles?

Edit: I see, it’s a case of he said / he said. The private security firm saying one thing, and the officers saying another.

“Hadn’t left” could mean standing next to the vehicle not sitting inside.

Private clamping companies (who clamp on private land) are regarded as the scum of the earth in England. That’s why it’s being outlawed in the very near future. This brings the law into line with Scotland which outlawed this practice over ten years ago. This was after a judge ruled it was a form of theft becuase the driver is effectively deprived of the use of his property.

Are private tow-truck companies banned from removing illegally parked vehicles?

So the Queen is in the habit of dropping in on people unannounced, and expecting them to serve her lunch? Isn’t that kinda rude?

That will be banned to. You say “illegally parked”, but technically in the England, parking on private land is not an “illegal” act as no statute law has been breached. This is because it’s a civil matter, covered by the laws of trespass or contact. This means that the landowner would have to sue the driver of the vehicle through the civil courts, and then can only claim for any actual material loss suffered. Anything above that would be considered an unfair penalty.

That’s kind of interesting. Thank you for the legal lesson.

I don’t know if you’re kidding, but the article said that the visit was unannounced. Presumably this means that it wasn’t announced to the general public but I’m guessing that the yacht owner she was visiting knew that she was coming.

Does that apply to all private property or just parking areas? If someone pulled their car onto someone’s lawn and left, would the homeowner have no recourse other than to go to court and ask for permission to have it removed?

I had a friend who lived in the UK. He rented a flat which came with a reserved, off street, parking spot. Somebody abandoned a car in his parking spot and it took months to get it removed. The owners of the apartment building didn’t care, because they were jerks. The police didn’t care, because it was private property. He went to the council and they eventually posted a notice on the car for a time period (a few days to a few weeks, I don’t recall), and finally towed the car when the time period expired.

Anyway, that is a long way to say that it can be a huge pain for a private individual to remove somebody elses car from their own property in the UK. I don’t know if it would have gone faster if the landlord’s management company had been willing to act, or if it had been my friend’s actual property, instead of just his reserved spot at his rented property. There was even an “unauthorized vehicles will be towed” sign in the parking lot, but it was for a company which no longer existed, and had the old style of UK phone number. These events happened in 1999-2002, or so.