Queer DVD player problem: Seeing double

I was given a Samsung DVD-V3650 DVD/VCR combo unit. VCR works fine. DVD player is not so fine. I see two scrunched-up images side by side, and it’s only in B/W.

As I inherited this unit, there’s no manual for troubleshooting. The DOM is September, 2003. Possibly it’s just given up the ghost.

Any thoughts??? I couldn’t find any settings on the menu that made a difference.

What type of connection are you using between it and your TV?

Oh, and here’s the user manual for this model:

I sounds like what I’ve seen when the connect between the two is wrong. Once you know that the proper cabling is present. Look for an option for different transmission standards on the DVD player. Check for different standards settable in your television setup menu. A bad s-video cable may transmit only B&W too. You can’t run the DVD trough a VCR either or it will scramble the video in this manner sometimes. It’s anti copying technology built into the VCR.

Kinda sounds like the DVD player is trying to output an HD signal to your standard TV.

Like Harmonious Discord says, check for available video modes. The Amazon site says the DVD player will do 480p; try setting it to 480i.