Queer Eye's Carson & Amy Sedaris: One and the Same?

I am convinced after watching last night’s show that Carson is actually just a new character being played by Amy Sedaris . . .

Damn Eve, your observation’s bang on! Perfectamundo.

Dear God – I knew there was something familiar about him!


It didn’t hit me till he said, “People always tell me I look like Ellen DeGeneres” last night, and my mind clicked: “Omigod, he’s Amy Sedaris!” They look alike, they walk alike—sometimes they even talk alike!

Maybe that’s why I keep expecting him to yell “You dirty dirty dirty dirty Jew cheap jacket!”

(Amy Sedaris from SWC reference [“you dirty dirty dirty Jew diary!”], not an anti-semitic comment.)

You could lose your mind…

when Queer Eyes are two of ki-i-ind!

I clicked the Amy Sedaris link. Just what I needed to see - Jerri Blank naked:eek:

This has put me off food for at least a day or two.


I always thought Jerry Blank and Tammy Faye were the same person.

Carson looks exactly like a chick from my high school. Same hair, same mouth, same eyes…it’s uncanny! I can’t even watch the show anymore because it freaks me out.

Did you notice that when he put on a blond wig pretending to be the girlfriend (last weeks’ ep, I believe) that he turned out looking JUST like her? (that guy could do SO much better, oy)