Quesadilla cheesecake recipe

I was in a convenience store yesterday, looking for a quick snack. They had a prepackaged baked item that was called a quesadilla cheescake. I enjoyed it but I was confused by the name.

When I think of a quesadilla, I think of a tortilla that’s filled with meat and cheese and then folded in half and grilled. This cake had no obvious connection to that. It was similar to a poundcake or tres leches cake.

But when I looked online for quesadilla cheescake recipes, the only things I found were obviously based on something similar to my original thought. They were folded and grilled tortillas with a cream cheese and fruit filling.

Any help?

Wikipedia’s entry mentions a Salvadoran Quesadilla that sounds different from a normal one - that sound right?


That does sound more like what I had.

Those sound good too.