question about 2 songs

:slight_smile: I’ve got a simple question, I’m just trying figure out who sings this song. Its a 90’s (I think ) metal like song with lyrics that go "bow down before the one you serve, you’re gonna get what you deserve…" (at least thats what I think they are saying?

Also, back in the 70’s there was song I remember hearing but no one else i know remembers it. It was about Spider-Man, and had lyrics that went “Whats the name of that funk? Spider-Man! Whats the name of that funk? Spider-Man! Try to Catch Him if ya can” I know i’m not dreaming that up. Any info will be appreciated!

Nine Inch Nails - “HEad like a hole” ??

That is the first one. No clue on the second.

The second one seems to be “What’s the Name of this Funk? (Spider Man)” by Ramsey Lewis

Thanks! I think the Ramsey Lewis answer is rinning a bell in my memory.