Question about 2018 Nissan

My friend wants to buy a new Nissan NV200, 2018 model. The nearest dealer is in Spokane, about 80 miles away. For over a month they’ve refused to tell him when the 2018 models will be available for purchase, and now maintain they “aren’t allowed” to make that information available to the general public. Considerable googling has gotten him nowhere, with “answers” vague and wildly varying.

What gives? Where can a person get a straight answer to what seems to me like a simple question?

They probably want to keep that information secret, to maximize the sales of 2017 models. There’s no reason why the public should have access to what Nissan sees as sensitive information.

I’m surprised they’re not already out. I have no experience with Nissan at all, but with other makes ISTM the next year’s models are out well in advance on the new year. My suggestion would be to email the another dealer. Obviously you don’t have to go to that dealer, but you might be able to get some more information out of them.

@Telemark, of course they want to maximize 2017 sales, but when we’re days away from 2018 and you tell the sales person you have no interest in buying a 2017 car, if they still without that info, I’d be concerned they no something I don’t. OTOH, if dealerships are all hours and hours apart, they may not have a whole lot to lose. I guess I’m used to busy suburban areas. Where I am I bonce back and forth between 2 or 3 Honda dealerships depending on which one annoyed me the least most recently.

Back to the OP, a quick tip, and I see now that it’s for your friend. Set up a junk email address for all of this. Those dealerships will send so much junk email once you send even a single email to them, they’ll destroy your inbox. When I need to get a new car, I’ll make a really stupid one like JoeyNewCar2018 at yahoo . com, and use that for email a bunch of dealerships and toss it when I’m done.