Question about "7th Heaven"

Isn’t 7th Heaven a Muslim concept? Isn’t it a bit weird to name a show about a Christian family after a Muslim term? Or am I getting this all wrong?

And yes, I know the show sucks.

There hasn’t been a TV show with this many obnoxious children since Mr. Belvedere.

It just meant there were five kids and the parents when the show started, and now there are seven damn kids.

No, I DON’T watch it.

Besides, isn’t the wife/mom (Gillian) supposed to be looking after the humpack whales brought back into the 23rd century? :confused:
“See ya 'round the galaxy, big boy…” :dubious:


Actually, both parents are Star Trek movie alums. Remember Stephen Collins in the over-long “Star Trek - the Motion Picture”? I think his character’s name was Decker or something.

I used to watch this show with a sick fascination, but now it is truly repellant.

Ah… but, is it shark repellent?

I forgot about Will Decker, aka Carbon Unit Infestation. Didn’t he meld with Ilia? Supposedly, Decker was a prototype for Riker. Gene, always planning…

As for this show, I watched a few of the first season shows, just because of the Trek connection already mentioned. (I’m a sick little geek.) I found it entirely too formulaic, though well written formulaic. I stopped watching it for no particular reasons, just lack of interest. I tried to watch a few of this season’s eps and I found myself wondering how could this show survive on reg TV? Needs to be on Family Channel or something.

Oh well, plenty of stuff that I like that others don’t. If you’re a fan of this show, more power to ya, ya know?

As a suggestion for those who semi-follow the show, check out Television Without Pity’s slightly on-an-angle take on the Camden clan. They make a decent case for a way-too-long overdue Children’s Services intervention…