Question about a mohel

Will a mohel perform a circumcision on a gentile? We are a non-jewish family, and would, for reasons too long to explain, rather have a mohel perform the circumcision than the ob/gyn. Is this forbidden by jewish law, or can I just start looking under M in the yellow pages?

I understand that the Brit Mila is a sacred ceremony, and apologize if this question can be viewed as offensive. Oh, and please don’t turn this into a circumcision debate…

I’m not offended, just puzzled. However, I’m not one to make a mountain out of a mohel.


You could get both. Many reform and conservative mohels are also MDs. There’s a guy in Los Angeles who got his MD but only practices as a mohel. He’s in it for the money so he’d probably do it. I doubt that you could get an Othodox mohel to do it for you but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Look in the phone book for Chabad or Young Israel.


Apparently, its not wrong to circumcise a gentile.

Its a loosely guarded secret that Queen Mary used a Mohel to circumcise Prince Charles.

Bash, you might try looking up a Reform or Conservative synagogue in your area and calling them, to ask. There is a difference between the religious ceremony brit milah, and the physical circumcision – the physical circumcision is one part of the ceremony, which involves prayer, wine, and a few other symbolisms/rituals (an empty chair for Elijah the Prophet, for instance.) I suspect that a mohel will have no problem performing the physical ceremony of circumcision for a non-Jew, but would not have the religious ceremony.

My cousin is an MD (pediatrics) who took training to become a mohel (Reform); I’m sure he would be glad to do non-Jewish (non-ritual) circumcisions.