Question about Arya Stark in CLASH OF KINGS (open spoilers)

Sorry for not addressing this in the omnibus Song of Ice and Fire thread, but I’ve only finished reading the first two books and that one has open spoilers about all four that I don’t want to risk reading.

So, Arya is smuggled out of King’s Landing and assumes the identity of a male waif, Arry, while she’s under the protection of Yoren. She’s outed as a girl to Gendry and then after their capture by Ser Amory she’s outed to everybody, but called Weasel and keeps up this identity all through the point of being basically a kitchen slave in Harrenhal under the Lannisters. So far, completely understandable: nobody much cares about Weasel’s background or comings and goings but Arya Stark has a price under her head.

After she and Jaqen and crew lead the “Hot Weasel Soup” coup though, the new castellan of Harrenhal is Roose Bolton, who in addition to being anti-Lannister and a supporter of Robb is even a sworn banner man of the Starks. Why doesn’t she identify herself at this point and get word to her brother Robb? Is she just being a scared child or is there a reason she’s afraid of Bolton betraying her?

Thanks for any answers. Feel free to address anything having to do with the first two books without boxed spoilers, but please no unboxed spoilers from later in the series.

She actually explains why in her own mental processes - she doesn’t think they’d believe her, and she doesn’t trust Lord Bolton.

Yeah, I think she instinctively knew it wouldn’t be a good idea. She’s seen enough of the game of thrones to know that very few people can be trusted.

And Roose Bolton doesn’t exactly ooze sympathy and fatherly warmth :p.

Way back before this series existed, I thought Ian McShane ( especially his cold mob boss persona from Sexy Beast ) would have made an awesome Roose Bolton.