Question about asking to provide DL# and SSN#

I recently joined a gym (yea me!) and I decided not to allow the gym access to my checking account or sign a contract, so I took the 3 month option. Basically, I pay for 3 months in advance, it’s the same price as an 18-month contract, and there’s no “initiation” fee.

On the form I filled out they asked for my driver’s license number and my social security number. I successfully argued that since I was paying in advance, they had no need of my SSN, but I didn’t see why they needed my DL#. I went ahead and gave it to them.

Is there a legitimate reason they need my driver’s license #? Can I argue they don’t need it, so I don’t need to give it to them?

Maybe for a parking permit?

You don’t have to provide it, sure, but they could as easily say you don’t need to join their club.

I’d guess the question is a standard one, and is there for a credit check.

No parking permit needed.

There’s no need for a credit check. I’m paying in advance to use the gym.

FWIW, there are about 16 states which have recently passed legislation which protects SSNs. Health Insurance companies can’t use them as identification numbers, for instance. So, perhaps, other businesses will get out of the business of asking as well.

I think the motivation for the legislation is primarily to combat identity theft.

This is speculation on my part, but perhaps the need for the DL no. is for the club’s security purposes. I assume that they give you a photo ID card which allows you to access the club, but in the event you forget your ID card when you go into exercise, maybe they’ll allow you access on a driver’s license that matches the DL number you provide on the application.

What do they do for someone who doesn’t drive?

Do what I did when I still had a state of maine drivers license while mrAru was duty stationed in CT, I got a state of ME photo ID card. Same as a drivers license without the right to drive. [I got it to have a pphoto ID in case I lost my DL and military ID ever again - was pickpocketed adn only ID I had access to was my passport in the bank box, I couldn’t get it for 3 days and had absolutely NO id…]

If they require a picture ID, those work, and cannot be refused because you need to identify yourself to the state just the same as for a drivers license, and they also have an ID number=)