Question about book copyrights and a topic idea.

In this post in a thread back in Feb of this year, the said poster quoted and typed out a bit of book he had just read.

This surprised me a bit, as I’ve had a idea for a thread for awhile now, but never made it in fear that it would be closed due to copyright infringements.

The thread would have been in CS and been entitled: “Type out and post what’s on page [random number] 28 of the book you’re currently reading”
Now, one page wouldn’t be a whole novel that you’d have to pay for to read. Not even one quarter or even one 8th of a book (unless you’re reading “The Cat in the Hat”) One page, probably, wouldn’t be any longer than what Uzi posted in that linked to thread (and didn’t recieve any warning or edit for). So I was wondering if my thread would be permissable? And if not…well, why not if Uzi was able to do that in a thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

One page would be far longer than the two paragraphs quoted in your reference. That short quote was fair use, being used to illustrate a point relevant to the thread. Posting a random page from a random book doesn’t seem to fall under any fair use that I’m aware of, not to mention that it seems a particularly pointless game.

If you opened it in my forum, I’d close it instantly. I’d be surprised if you got any takers anyway. I’ll suggest that you don’t do it.

I’ll echo Frank’s comment. “Fair usage” allows a paragraph or two from a book, but not a full page.

You could play this game (in Cafe Society forum) with “What’s the first paragraph on page 28” if you want.

Frank I understand your reasoning, which is fine and makes since (including why Uzi was okayed)…but this part I just wanted to clear up:

It wouldn’t have been intented for a game. :stuck_out_tongue: It would be kinda like “What are you currently reading” but just giving/showing an example along with the book title.
Hmm…upon reading your post Dex, it appears you both see it as a game…

Well…maybe I’m wrong, then! :o Ha.

I wouldn’t have intended for it to be so.

But anyway, thanks for both of your prompt answers and the allowance of a thread that would still work out. :slight_smile:

I view it as a game because it differs from the simple “What are you currently reading?” That doesn’t mean it’s bad, mind you, and I’ve just said I’m OK with it in Cafe Society as long as the quoted section is small.

It could be along the lines of “Guess what people are reading by having them quote paragraph one of page 28 of their current book.”

Ohh, I get you now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Never thought of that way, ivylass since I would have said from the start for people to tell what book it’s from. :stuck_out_tongue: But no problem. I realize now that it very well could be a game or be seen as one.

Dex, I will make sure, if I go ahead with it, to keep the part from the book as small as possible. :slight_smile:

On page 28 of the book you are currently reading, count the fifteenth word and …

Hmmm. Well, p’raps not too small, Idle

The third letter is ‘e’. Can you guess what book I’m reading? Hint: it’s not Gadsby by Ernest Vincent Wright.




Nor is it La Disparition by Georges Perec.

That’s two books down.