Question About CamStudio Or Other Tutorial Software

I teach and want to create a few video tutorials showing how to do some things with Photoshop and Illustrator.

I found the open-source, free software: CamStudio.

In one sense, it is quite good - I can make some great video clips showing how to do some exercises, can have audio so I can explain as I show how to do things and all-in-all, it is exactly what I need and want.

However, the files are HUGE in the .avi format, and even when I transfer them to .swf they seem to get all choppy and funky and are still kind of large. I need to upload these to the student portal so students can download them if they want to review, or if they miss class and want to catch up. I try to keep the clips under 5 minutes or so - but maybe that is too long?

  1. Is there a better “free” software out there?
  2. Is there a “trick” to make the .swf files smoother and cleaner?
  3. Is my only option to make shorter clips and label them Part One, Part Two, etc.?

Saving (if that software does it) or converting it to .MP4 will make it around 10% the size of .avi

I believe the only option with CamStudio is to convert to .swf but I think there are other converters out there that I could use, once I create the .avi file, so I might look into that! Thanks.

Is .mp4 a standard format that most everybody could view easily, without having to download another program?

Yes, mp4 is very common … used by iPod, iPhone, etc., and is the preferred format for uploading to YouTube.

There are lots of free video converters available. I can’t recommend any because I use Camtasia Studio which can save / convert most any format … but it is far from free. :wink: