question about car insurance - does a car have to be insured for its owner to drive?

I have been given a car. It’s a banger, but it’s alright for now. Trouble is, insurance.

Now, here’s the thing. I’m already insured as a second driver on my mum’s car. My mum’s insurance covers HER to drive ANY car. So… could she just drive my banger, and me drive her car instead?

Or does the fact that I’m the registered owner of the banger mean that I too must be insured to drive it?

Or would you need more information?


The legal requirement is third party insurance - i.e. if you reverse into a Ferrari, or a nun, the insurance will repair or replace it, or pay for the medical bills.

For your idea to work, she needs to check her insurance fully. It may be that she’s insured to drive any car, provided it is insured by the owner (for themself to drive) as well, for example (deliberatly to avoid such wheezes as yours). And if in any doubt, phone the insurers - they’ve got no choice but to give you truthful answers, provided you ask direct questions.

Here in NSW, every registered vehicle has to have CTP (compulsory third party) cover. This insurance protects anybody injured in a motor vehicle accident that is the fault of another vehicle owner or driver. If you’re caught driving an uninsured (i.e. CTP-less) car, there are heavy penalties.

Most insurers recommend that all cars also have, at the very least, some third party property insurance, to protect against losses when you smash your worthless car into someone else’s priceless Rolls-Royce. It isn’t compulsory though.

Check with either your insurance company or your car registration authority.