Question about coal burning power plants

I’m looking at two abandoned power plants. Each one has a large building next to it. I’m trying to figure out what the large buildings housed.

This one still has its roof:

This one has lost its roof:

Anyone knowledgeable about power plants? Thanks in advance.

Channeling Una

Which plants are these ? Is there any information available.

I have worked in modern power plants, and unless you can provide some more information as to which plants are these, here are some guesses :

1> Area for maintenance and storage
2> The substation (although substations are not covered)

I’ve worked at more than 600 power plants in the US and overseas, almost all of the coal, and structures like that appear to be large maintenance sheds or office space, or some combination of both.

It does not appear to be used, or have been ever designed to be used, as fuel storage.

Nonetheless, I am confused. A plant of that apparent small size does not appear to be one which would need that large of a maintenance or office area. It is possible that the utility combined some office space and maintenance space at an existing plant site.

…looking again, those have got to be very old and small power plants. I see no evidence of even an ESP, and the odd conveyor/stack layout is not something I see after 1950. These look like 1930’s-era plants, perhaps 1920’s?

Although I have worked in (many) fewer coal-fired stations than Una, I have still worked in a few, and have no experience of seeing such large low buildings on site.

I notice the two examples are pretty much identical in design.

Here’s what I don’t think it is: coal storage; ash storage; any part of the power generation cycle. I don’t think it’s switching equipment either.

I could go along with the idea that it is some kind of storage facility (for example, for storing cable drums for the network business), that exceeds the needs of the power station itself. Possibly also containing workshops, and there is certainly an admin block adjacent.

But it’s also very reminiscent of some kind of factory, with what looks like a high-voltage power supply at the front, and boilers at the rear.

I’m going to guess that at least part of the function was as a warehouse. At our coal plant, the warehouse is just about the same distance from the plant. Shipping improvements have dramatically lessened the need for giant on-site warehouses. Even so, ours is approximately half the size of the plant.