Question about DMV fines in NC

There is currently a huge fine on my car because I waited too long to get it inspected. I can’t renew the registration on the car until I pay this fine and so it sits in my driveway for now.

I’ve been planning on selling the car fairly soon anyway, so my question is: If I don’t pay the fine, will it follow the car, stay with me, or simply go away when I sell it?

I’ve tried the DMV website and calling them directly, but no one seems to be able to give me an answer. I know that insurance fines go away when the car is sold, but what about inspection fines? Does anyone know how this works in North Carolina or have an idea on where I can get some accurate information?

I am not sure about now but back in 1991, when I still lived in NC, I had a car with a huge fine because of late inspection. I sold it and never heard abother thing about the car. I just sent in a letter along with the bill they sent me telling them I had sold the car. I went with the neighbor I sold the car to when he registered it and they didn’t charge him my old fines either. Good luck.