Question about downloaded video

I have downloaded video in the following file format:


I would like to join these together into one video, so that i can burn it to a DVD. I can rename the first section “abcde01.wmv” and it plays just fine, but when I rename the subsequent sections, they are not recognized by any media player that I have. Soooo…what am I doing wrong, or what other method of joining these should I be using? :confused: Bottom line, I just want to be able to watch this video on DVD.

Thanks for any help…I appreciate it.


You need a program called HJSplit to rejoin the numbered files. Google it; it’s free.

Thanks, mhendo…that was EXACTLY what I was looking for!:smiley:

Open command line and type the following:

copy /b abcde.wmv.001+abcde.wmv.002+.......+abcde.wmv.018 abcde.wmv