Question about end of Dark Knight Rises

Spoilers, obviously!

Does Alfred really see Bruce Wayne in that Italian cafe at the end? And is that Selina (Catwoman) with him? Wiki and IMDb say it was her; I looked closely and didn’t think it was.

Yes, Alfred sees Bruce and Selina. Not to sound snarky, but how could you not tell it was them?

I saw it again yesterday, and did not closely check Selina, her back was turned mostly.

I would have had Bruce and Selina sit down with Alfred and surprise him. The silent stuff was all tragic martyrdom.

It was Selina. And the slight nod of recognition from a distance paralleled the fantasy Alfred had from his vacation earlier in the film; they had to do it that way to acknowledge that they saw each other and not have it develop into anything more.

Yes, he really saw Bruce and Selina.

Not really. It fits in with what Alfred was talking about earlier in the movie. He had said it was his fantasy that he would see Bruce with a wife and children, they wouldn’t share a word, and Bruce would never set foot in Gotham again.

That is what Alfred said, and he would be satisfied with that. Considering how much Alfred loved Bruce in a self-effacing way, Bruce could do a little bit more.

Not to sound snarky, I looked and it didn’t appear to be Selina. It looked like another brunette woman.

I didn’t notice that it was her the first time I saw it, but on a second viewing, it was definitely her.

I was sitting at the table opposite Alfred facing her. It was definately Selina. :wink:

Wearing Martha Wayne’s pearls??? :dubious:

It was definitely Selina. No question. They both got their Clean Slate.

I hope they still play dress-up from time to time…