Question about episode of Frasier

I just saw a repeat of the episode of Frasier where he gets some phone messages about a woman called Laura (played by Linda Hamilton) who’s going to be at the airport. Only it’s a wrong number.

At the end of the episode, the credits show the photos of several people.
The only 2 I can remember were John Cussack and Eric Roberts.

Anyone know why they did this? I’ve seen it a few times and don’t know what it means.


I remember that episode. When I saw the pictures I wondered about their meaning as well. But after thinking about it for longer than the duration of a comercial, I realized, I just don’t care.

After the last episode of every season, they run a special credit sequence for all the celebrities who have done voice appearances as callers to Frasier’s radio show. (They’re credited after each episode also.)