Question about eye doctors

I’m searching the VSP website for eye doctors in my area. Since I’m diabetic, I need to be examined by an opthamalagist (sp?).

From the letters after their name, can I tell?

A lot of them have O.D., which I take to mean they are an optometrist. If they have M.D. after their name (which some do) are they an opthamalogist?

Ophthalmologists are indeed medical doctors, can prescribe medicine and do surgery, and must have an MD.

Cool. Thanks!

Just FYI, in some cases a “D.O.” indicates a “Doctor of Osteopathy,” which for practical purposes is an exact equivalent of “M.D.” However, when it comes to eye doctors, a “D.O.” is usually a “Doctor of Optometry.”

Never, acsenray. An optometrist is an O.D.


Watch out with that smiley, acsenray! You’ll put your eye out! :smack: