Question about flaxseed oil

I’ve been recommended to take flaxseed oil for my dry skin.

I used to take capsules, but they were hard to swalllow.

Then I tried it in liquid form, it worked, however it caused nausea. I forgot which brand it was.

Soon I’m going to try Barlean’s brand, I heard it was the best and this time I will mix it in yogurt instead to taking it straight from the spoon.

If I do that, should I be able to tolerate it better this time around?

Don’t know about tolerating it better, but if you have a sensitive stomach, it probably will be better to mix it with food.

There’s also ground flax which would probably taste good mixed with yogurt.

I used to take the straight oil but it caused nausea for me, then tried the ground flax but that was a PITA. Now I’m on capsules…it has really helped with PMS…

I love flax seeds. They get in your teeth, but they are terrific.

How much flax do you need? I just like it. I sprinkle some flax seeds is almost everything I bake, any bowl of cereal, when I make a meat sauce or sausage or stuffing there’s usually some flax seeds in there, and I eat them by themselves like… like chewing little anise thingees after eating Indian food.

Put them in your oatmeal! Toss them into a salad! Flax seeds are the best!!! yum.