question about FTP

Hello ppl

   I would be really glad if anyone would answer this quesiton for me. I am using one of 4 computers on a wireless home network. And now, I have set up a Serv-U FTP server on my computer. So, what ip address will someone have to type to log in to my computer? I have an ip of assigned to MY computer. But of course, the ip address to the wireless broadcaster in the basement of my house is different. Help me out!!

I assume you mean “what IP address will people use to get to my computer from outside my network?”. yes?

Well, as you stand, they can’t get to your computer; it’s hidden behind your router. Most routers have a way you can set one internal address such that it will pass traffic to it. A common reference in the router configuration is the “DMZ host”. If you set up your router such that it passes ftp traffic to your host, you’ll tell people outside your network to ftp to the external address on your router.

If you want someone outside of your LAN to be able to access it, you need to give them the IP of the router and then set up the router to forward requests to the appropriate machine.

What kind of router do you have?

If you login to the admin client on the router, it will probably say what IP was assigned in the status page. Both of mine do.

Word of warning: my ISP, Adelphia cable, blocks one of the ports used for FTP (incoming), so I was unable to do what you are trying to do. Yours might do the same. It might be possible to work around that by changing ports, but I abandoned my attempts.

What you’re looking for is the “port forwarding” feature on your router. Then people try to ftp to your router and it forwards the request to the computer you set up for it.