Question about gray hairs

If you pull out a gray hair, what color will the next hair that grows from the same follicle be? Gray or normal? Always or sometimes?

More important, will it grow back at all? (Sorry for the hijack, but I got a lot of grey showing up in my beard…)

When your hair goes grey it is due to the fact that the cells in the hair follicles called “Melanocytes” no longer generate pigment, the main one being melanin.

Will Repair, The quoted statement you used in your link is correct, but the rest of the site is rather questionable.

Emu oil hasn’t been proven to do anything. It probably won’t hurt you, but you’ll wait a long time for it to take away your gray hair.
The only portion of the hair that is alive is the root or follicle. There is no shampoo that can change the chemistry of the hair that’s already out. It’s not much different than your fingernails.
Once you start losing melanin, it’s probably not coming back. That said, it’s possible vitamin B12 deficency may cause premature melanin loss, and correcting that deficency may bring some color back. But, it won’t be right away.

So, The Controvert, the answer to your question is : it depends. If the hair is white ( they aren’t gray, they are actually white) because it time for it to be white, then the subsequent hairs will be white. If it’s white due to a reversible condition, and that condition is addressed, it might be whatever color it was before it was white.

Here is a little information on some conditions that can cause premature loss of melanin.