Question about Hitchhiker's Guide movie

I’m trying to re-read the entire series before the movie is released, but in case that becomes impossible, I want to at least be able to read up to where the movie stops.

Does anybody know if it’s just going to include the first book, or be more like the radio series/TV mini series, and include the general story of the first three?

I was told by a friend and this is backed up by the IMDB that Douglas Adams wrote the script and it will contain new material. I think that’s great. New material by the author will be great.

Therefore it’s hard to say where it will leave off. From what I understand, the TV show and radio show had things scrambled compared to the books, so I don’t think you can predict it at all. It’ll be brand new, yet familiar, which I believe will make it better.

I think, though I don’t know, that it’s most comparable to the TV series - i.e. much of the first novel, and parts of Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

There are concerns that it will be almost, but not quite, entirely unlike the books. But I am told this is highly improbable.

Acording to this review, the preexisting material came from only the first book. Additional material was written by DNA.