Question about Hulu’s The Accident (Spoiler)

In the last seconds of the last episode of The Accident:

Leona plays back memories of the fateful day. In the last one, a heavyset person, possibly a woman (long hair, but runs like a guy) is running away through one of the big rooms of the doomed structure. Are we supposed to know who it is? Does Leona? Maybe it’s just the last kid lagging behind? Any thoughts?

I drifted off a couple times trying to squeeze the whole thing in before bed, so I might have missed something.

Is this the same The Accident that was shown in Britain, the one that was set in Wales? I watched it but don’t remember the exact bit. Would the person in question be the black homeless guy that we earlier found out saved Leona’s life?

I also don’t recall a person matching your description. I remember interpreting the scene as her alternative reality / happy ending where, when she replays the incident in her head, everyone makes it out (?) Of course I could be talking out my arse, because as much as I enjoyed the show, the ending kind of fizzled out for me and I might not have been as attentive as I had for the first couple of eps.

It could also have been the caretaker guy who was killed.

Yes it’s the same show. It definitely wasn’t the black homeless guy because this person had long hair and was kind of chunky.

If by the caretaker you mean Alan Kethin I don’t think so because he was in his work clothes and appeared shocked when the explosion happened (no reason to fake it since he was supposed to be alone).

The images from her memory didn’t seem to be any different than when they were romping through the buildings in the very beginning (except for the part in question) so I don’t think there was any happy fantasizing going on.
Here’s the scene:

I think that’s the girl in the black clothes.