Question about legal name change in NC

I’m trying to do a legal name change in NC. My understanding is that I have to get an affadavit of good character from 2 people in the county I live in. The problem is that I don’t know anyone that well in my county although I have plenty of peoe in another county that would sign and affidavit. Is there anyway around this rule or another way I could do a legal name change?

Do you really have to know the people well for them to sign? I would think you could get 2 co-workers to sign. Your boss should be able to sign then you need 1 more person. I know I would sign for people I work with.

I don’t see any reason they would waive that requirement. The law (NCGS 101-4) says that it’s to prove you are of good character. In short, they want to make sure you’re not on the run from the law. And they want it to be in the county you live in, because that’s where you’ll petition for the name change.

You seriously don’t know two people in the county you live in? Realtor? Landlord? Neighbors? Co-workers? Minister?

It has to be signed in the presence of a notary so it has to be someone I know well that is willing to go with me to get it notarized. All my family and freinds live in a neighboring county.

Would it be possible somehow to get this approved under the rules of another state?

FWIW, almost every bank as a notary, as do UPS Stores and many Kinkos (until 12/31/09, I’m told).

I really doubt you’re going to be able to do this anywhere you’re not a resident.

Could I legally changE my residence to he other county?

Sure. Move there.

N.B.: This is not legal advice.

Find a couple of legal teens and toss them a couple $20 to come with you to a notary.

BTW? What county? I could use a free lunch?

This reminds me of the time I got my first passport. The only document that existed that showed my birth name was my birth certificate. It had never been used since. But I had to get an affidavit signed by two people (or maybe two affadivits) who knew me under both names. Fortunately, my parents were still alive. If I had to do that today, it would be impossible as there is no one alive who ever knew me under my birth name. Fortunately, the last time I got a birth certificate (to prove my age for retirement) the Commonwealth (of Pennsylvania) offerred to supply me with a certificate under my current name, if I could provide documentation showing I had used that name for at least ten years.

This doesn’t help the OP’s problem. I would suggest you call the court clerk and ask how you may satisfy that requirement, which seems pretty vague to me.

I would double check statutes and case law. Usually there are secondary, alternative, provisions for hermits and the like who do not know members of the community.

What’s the hurry? Is there some reason you can’t possibly manage to meet two people that live in your county, and demonstrate your good moral character thereunto within the next couple of months?