Question about Lovastatin.

I normally take Lovastatin 40mg at night (at bedtime) with my bloodpressure medication (I take the BP meds twice a day). Today (Silly me) I took the statin in the morning (I took one last night too) with my morning BP meds.

Should I skip the dose for tonight or just keep taking like normal (and not twice a day)?

Looking it up on the internet, theres no real adverse affects unless I did go over 200mg. Thats all I saw

It really makes no difference to miss one dose, or, for that matter, to double one dose.

Probably best just to omit tonight’s Lovastatin.

All, IMHO, of course.

Ahh okay, Thank you :slight_smile:

For interest, even if you took your statin every morning instead of every night, your LDL would likely rise only by around 10% according to this very small study. And that’s after eight weeks; over one night there would be no difference (given the half life of LDL).

Do not take an additional Lovastatin today, just resume taking it at bedtime starting tomorrow. Missing doses of cholesterol medication is definitely not as big an issue as missing doses of blood pressure medications. Even with missing a dose or two of BP medications, you can see a rise in your BP, where you can miss even a week of cholesterol medication without any big adverse effect.