Question About Luck

I am not a person who belives in luck or supernatural intervention; however, it’s been my observation that some people are just plain unlucky. For example, I have a friend who in one year bought the following things 1) new car, 2) TV set, 3) VCR, 4) toaster oven 5) walkman. All of these purchases turned out to be defective! Can such a person be called unlucky? Given that consumer products today are generall pretty good-lt’s assume a quality level of 15 PPM (15 defective for every million produced)then how could he ever purchase all of this crap-probability says this should not happen! What is the flaw in my reasoning? Are these not “statistically independent” events?

I question your figures. If it were really 15ppm defective, I’d expect only one defective item for ever 66,667 things I bought. I probably haven’t bought 66,667 things in my life (certain not things like appliances, cars), but I’ve certainly got defective items before.

It is too clear, and so it is hard to see.

I know what you mean, kelly. My wife is the unluckiest person in the world. Just a few…

While stopped, waiting for traffic at the entrance/exit of a Burger King (she was waiting to exit), a car crossing traffic to ENTER the parking lot misjudged the oncoming traffic. The only way the other driver had to avoid being hit by a Mercedes was to plow into my van.

While stopped at a traffic light, a 17 y/o girl didn’t see the light and smashed into my car. She hit my car so hard that the insurance company totaled. The trunk was pushed into the back seat.

My wife fell down the stairs at my house, breaking her foot on one leg, and shattering her ankle on the other. She was in casts and a wheel chair for three or four months.

One night while having a bad dream she fell out of bed. If that wasn’t bad enough, while flailing her arms she accidentally hooked her hand on the cord to the alarm clock, jerked it off the night stand, and it bashed into her face. Giving her a black eye, and a pretty nasty cut.

This is just a SMALL sample of things that have happened IN THE LAST YEAR! I’m 6’2", and she’s 5’1". People are starting to think I beat her. I was almost relieved that I WASN’T there when she fell down our steps. (Don’t worry, my 13 y/o daughter called 911 and saved the day)

She’s a medical oddity too. There have been seizures, anemia, and a hysterectomy (she’s only 34) just to name a few. I couldn’t count how many times she’s been given the wrong medicine in the hospital. (She’s allergic to codeine, and for some reason nurses have tried to give it to her dozens of times)

But you know what? Man, I NEVER have a dull moment with her! Married 17 years and going strong.