Question about Maine going to Atlantic Time Zone

Proposal passes to move Maine to Atlantic Time Zone (GMT -4).

See this for details

My question: was there ever a time that Maine was in that zone? Iask because
I have memories of an NBC TV announcer saying something like "so-and-so show tonight 7pm Atlantic Time 8 pm Eastern Time.

Maybe my memory is faulty but it seems so clear.

Anyone have any ideas?

Wouldn’t it be 9 PM Atlantic, 8 PM Eastern?

Yes, but that’'s not the point of the question.

Maine is geographically in the Eastern time zone (GMT -5). The center of the zone is 5 x 15 = 75 deg W, with edges at 67.5 and 82.5 deg W. Only the very easternmost tip crosses into the Atlantic time zone.

No comments on the practicalities or politics of the situation.

No, from the inception of modern time zones, there were only four zones for the contiguous United States. I suspect you were hearing announcements on TV stations that had a powerful enough signal to be picked up in the Canadian Maritimes, or perhaps on syndicated programming that was broadcast on both sides of the border.

Related local article. Also, NH Public Radio.

I think Freedy hit it: syndicated braodcast.


Since this would obsolete every time zone map in the world, I suggest buying Rand McNally stock now!

I think Maine should just go the Newfoundland route and just move itself 30 minutes over.

One of the main reasons I had for visiting Newfoundland was just to experience the 30 minute time change. That passed quickly, but fortunately I found other good things to do. (Gros Morne National Park in particular!)

The proposal has met with near-unanimous derision in Maine and likely won’t be heard again. The state is connected, economically and socially, much more with the rest of the US than with the Atlantic provinces, of course.

Pleonast, the entire state lies within the Eastern time zone, including the easternmost tip. Did you mean that it *would * be there if not for local adjustments to the zone borders?

Yes. By “geographically” I meant by the original timezones defined by the meridians. As opposed to the political timezone alterations. Maybe I should have used the term “geometric” instead. I didn’t think there’d be any confusion.