Question about Medicare Crap

That’s close to what I meant, but I don’t think they are a ripoff, per se. I contend that they offer more profit to the seller than the Supplemental plans, which is why Advantage plans are more heavily advertised.

This is true. And once the consumer is in the fold, so to speak, it’s much easier to convert them to a Supplemental plan, which I think will happen to many customers, once they experience a major medical incident which costs them large out-of-pocket costs.

I don’t watch the Golf channel. But I see the Advantage plan ads primarily on CNN and MSNBC, whose programming, as far as I know, isn’t targeted to a specific income demographic.

What are you talking about? All you have to do is predict the specific health issues you will experience next year. If you choose wrong, that’s just poor planning on your part, no? [Sarcasm off]

I see the Advantage plan ads on specific stations, the digital sub-channels like Start TV. And although the channels themselves may not be targeted to a specific income demographic, I see the ads during daytime programming ( not primetime), multiple ads within a one hour program, and the advertising when Medicare open enrollment ends tend to be Tom Selleck selling reverse mortgages , Ernie Hudson selling that car service plan, ads for “final expense insurance” , ads for the Hurrycane or devices to help people pull their socks up. It’s clear that the ads are targeted to a specific demographic and going by the quality of the ads, I’m sure the price of ads on these stations at 10 am on Tuesday is a factor as well.,