Question About Movie "The Words" - SPOILERS

The movie, The Words, was just shown on cable and we watched it.

It was a decent film with sort of a cool three-way story going on. However, I think there is one plot hole and I was wondering if I missed something, or the writers missed something?

Spoiler ahead:

So, the old man - the “real” author of the book - tells his story. At some point, you see his French wife reading his manuscript in bed and seems to be impressed enough to run back to him, but forgetting the great manuscript in the train.

So - later, when the old man dies, everyone says “and his secret died with him.”

Well, assuming his wife read the manuscript, and it might be published in French or she can read English, what is to stop HER from popping up and claiming her dead ex-husband wrote the book?! I mean, there is no mention that she died - and last we saw is that she was doing fine with new hubby and kid.

Just wondering if I missed something.

You didn’t miss anything. It seemed like an unresolved issue and I kept expecting the journalist to reveal to Dennis Quaid that AHA! I know this story already old guy. But no. She just thinks he’s hot.

Glad I wasn’t the only one to notice.
But geez - you would think someone involved with the film might have noticed this glaring error and either dropped the scene of her reading it, or killed her off or whatever.

It just seemed like somebody wasn’t paying attention.