Question about "New Girl".

Am I crazy or did they change where the kitchen is in the Apartment on “New Girl”? I could have sworn their kitchen was always next to the entrance to the left as you enter (just before the hall to Jess’ and Nick’s rooms) but in today’s episode it looked like it was to the right of the entrance, along the wall that leads to Schmidt’s room. I honestly don’t know if I am mistaken or not.

Here’s a screen cap from S1:E1, that’s Nick walking back towards Schmidt’s

It’s on Netflix.

Nick and Jess rooms are in the other direction. In that picture, Jess would be looking at them.

ETA, no, I don’t think the flipped where the kitchen is.

Thank you…I guess I was wrong. I could have sworn though…

I was surprised when in one episode they showed that the bathroom included toilet stalls. That seemed weird for an apartment but it looks like it was originally a commercial building so perhaps that’s the reason?

I believe it also has a urinal and (only) semi-private walk in shower. I never thought about the reason being that it was an old warehouse. My thought was that it was supposed to be ‘super manly’ to make Jess feel even more out of place during the first season. It gave her even more things around the apartment to add little girly touches to that would make the guys uncomfortable (except Schmidt).

It also works as a plot device to allow multiple characters (male and female) in the bathroom at the same time.