Question about Obscure Adult Term

Hey Hey all. Came across a strange advert in Seattle’s The Stranger weekly paper this week. Does anyone know what strange acts are described by the term “Kentucky Plow”? Does anyone know why its use might require a conversion van? Thanks.


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I’m not really sure how to react to this.

Now that I look at this page, the whole thing seems quite disturbing.

Perhaps a mod could get rid of that link.

I like how the only other thing brought up by Google for this term is Kentucky’s PLOW Program: People Learning Other’s Ways.


I assume the site is meant to be humor. The connection presumably is that it’s supposed to be some rural redneck practice, and conversion vans are often stereotyped as owned by rednecks.

It sounds equivalent to dentistry techniques before anaesthesia was invented, i.e. for most of human history.

-glad to be alive now

From the page where Joey P got the definition:

Cool, Kentucky Plow! Now I have a new goal. I’ll test this one out after I try out the old “Donkey Punch”. . .

And what, pray-tell, would the “Donkey Punch” be?

Well, not being a “rural redneck,” could somebody please explain to me what the heck a “conversion van” is?

I seriously have no idea…


A “conversion van” is simply your standard Ford Econoline, Dodge Tradesman, or Chevy Express with the interior modified for special purposes–usually as an easily converted bedroom.

Oh, and I have no idea why one would be associated with “rural” anything, much less with “rednecks.” They are quite popular in urban and suburban America, among both the affluent and those a bit further down the economic scale.

Oh. Thanks for the info. So, are we talking about people actually living out of their vans, or what? If so, I can see why their might be a redneck association I guess.

Sorry about the hijack…


wow guys that was good for a huge laugh :slight_smile: thanks. it made my day

During anal sex, a punch delivered to the back of the head or kidneys (very hotly debated by some) at the moment of the dominant partner’s orgasm.

Now ask me what a “Houdini” is.

ok, what’s a Houdini?

The Houdini is when, during sex from behind, the dominant partner spits on the back of the sub, causing them to think you’ve just blown your load. When they turn around, you spooge in their face. Hey presto, it’s like a magic trick.

The fact that I have this stuff in my head probably prevents me from knowing actual useful stuff. Sigh.

Of course, this all pales in comparison to the great Dirty Sanchez.

And the rodeo shag.

We don’t need a thread of obscure and stupid sexual terms. That’s why Ghod made usenet.

Can we just answer (if possible) the OP’s question and be done here?