Question about P + E forum

Can’t find a Biden Administration thread. There was an older one closed Nov. 20, and I coulda sworn a new one was started, but can’t for the life of me find it. Scrolled like crazy and tried search - nada.
Did a second one get started, or am I imagining things?

Actually, never mind - re - WE’s note about no more omnibus threads in P +E.

As I’m a non-reader of P&E, can you link to the note or give a brief explanation? Was this the same thread people asked about before that the OP objected to someone posting negative things said about Biden?

From this thread:

Thanks! That’s the one I was thinking of. FWIW, I agree with @What_Exit on this one. I think the omnibus threads work great for breaking news or stuff like the Omnibus Stupid Criminal threads. Trying to put a 4 or 8 year presidency all into one thread seems unwieldy. Especially if mods have to carve out exceptions, like Afghanistan in that thread.