Question about Religion

I know the good old standby, never mix religion and politics with general conversation, but I am wondering where I can find information on the Vatican’s involvement with occultism, you know, investigation of miracles, the “secret files” on pagan religions, and the such. Whther it is semi-fictious or non-fiction matters not to me. I’m just looking for some research materials.

I’d start at Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code website and move onto Christianity Today’s Breaking the DaVinci Code and follow whatever links, works cited and other stuff they have at those sites. This will at least give you a start at a lay-person’s level, but scholarly research it ain’t. But it will give you research on what folks have been shrieking about lately. Personally, I find listeneing to what people believe to be true is almost more interesting than what’s historically true, but I’m weird like that. And, by it’s very definition, you won’t find the true “occult” info on the Vatican, because that’s…well…occult (hidden). You can find plenty of conjecture and arguing, though. also answers this and many other questions.