Question about Royal Houses (Families) in Britain.

Let’s say that folks in the UK get good & fed up with the House of Windsor & tell the whole clan to sod off; BUT, they don’t want to do away with the monarchy as an institution.

Would there be any current contenders from previous ruling houses?

Who would be the go to guy (or gal) from the Plantagenets, Tudors, or Stuarts?

Is there any official tracking of these families as a “just in case” precaution?

Well they are about 1800 people in the line of succession, the vast majority of which are not Moutbatten-Windsors. So they could chose anyone the wanted.

WRT to the Plantagenets and the Tudors, well for both look no further then EIIR as she is in fact descended from both (she is a direct decedent of Henry VII). The Stuarts are currently in Bavaria and seem to like it there

I’m not surprised that the bloodlines are intermingled.

But, that would not make her the #1 contender from a strictly Plantagenet or Tudor point of view.

Both those families are extinct and have been for centuries; the current day decedents are all scions of other families and you cannot say one is as bad as the other. As it is; EIIR’s decent from Henry Turdor is as good as it is going to be as concerns the Tudors.

Fun fact; through the late Queen Consort, EIIR is also descended directly from Mary Boleyn and it very possibly from Henry VIII (who has been suspected of being the real father of Mary Boleyn’s children).

Thomas Boleyn did finally succeed in getting his progeny on the throne of England (after a fashion as its now the throne of the UK). See perseverance pays off as do good marriage alliances.

The thing about the Tudors is that they didn’t procreate much, so they didn’t provide a lot of heirs. Although there were five Tudor monarchs (Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I), only two of them (Henry VII and Henry VIII) had any children. Henry VIII’s line died out with Elizabeth I. (Victoria apparently took some pride in the fact that she was not descended from Henry VIII, whom she regarded as a tyrant.)

So you look to Henry VII, and his eldest daughter, Margaret. She married James IV of Scotland, giving the Stuarts their claim to the English throne, via James VI (I of England). The senior surviving line of the Stuarts is thus the senior surviving Tudor heir as well. There is some dispute about who exactly is the senior Stuart heir, but as **AK84 **mentions, the Duke of Bavaria has a very strong claim to be the senior Stuart heir, and thus also the senior Tudor heir. His claim is via Charles I’s daughter Henrietta Anne, as shown in this Jacobite family tree. That claim is arguably stronger, on a primogeniture basis, than that of the Windsors, who claim through Elizabeth, daughter of James VI & I. (Wikipedia is off-line at the moment, but they have articles on the Jacobite succession and the Duke of Bavaria.)

Henry VII’s second daughter, Mary, is the ancestress of the Seymours who hold the position of Duke of Somerset, so the current Duke (the 19th) is also a distant descendant of the Tudor line.

As for the Plantangenets, you’d be really stretching at this remove, since the last Plantagenet died in 1485, and in the Wars of the Roses they did a pretty good job of eliminating themselves. The ones that did survive tended to have a high mortality rate in Henry VII’s reign as well.

Thanks for the responses. What got me thinking about this was reading about “Bonnie Prince Charlie”. Obviously, both he & his father believed that the wrong Stuart had taken the throne. It made me curious about descendents of other houses.

The last male Plantagenet died in 1485. The female married Henry Tudor and her decedents include; EIIR.

I recall that Diana was a direct Stuart descendant so when William is King, all of the bloodlines will be there.

William is a Stuart decendent through the Prince of Wales as well.

It is true that as Diana came from a family so blue blooded that they made the Windsors look like upstarts. It is true that William will be the first King whose ancestry is not predominatly German for centuries; his Grandmother is half Scottish, but Prince Charles will be overwhelmingly German thanks to Phillip.

The rightful King is whoever Parliament says it is, regardless of complicated genealogies.

So, I still have a shot at it?


Sorry, I meant to say the last Plantagenet king. You’re quite right about Edward IV’s daughter marrying Henry VII.

I believe that there were other members of the Plantagenets alive at the time of Henry’s accession, but there’d been an extensive lopping of the family tree by then.


I’m holding out for a Dane or a Saxon! Up the Egbertings!

They wouldn’t even have to go back that far – practically every royal in Europe is somewhere inline for the British throne, although some of them would have to convert to the Church of England. (The Spanish royals, for example.)

There were at least nine people descended in the male line from Edward III alive when Richard III was killed at Bosworth:
[li]Elizabeth of York, eldest daughter of Edward IV, who married Henry VII[/li][li]four younger daughters of Edward IV[/li][li]Edward Plantagenet, Earl of Warwick, son of George Duke of Clarence, last male Plantaqgenet. He was locked in the Towsr of London until being executed in 1499.[/li][li]Margqret, Countess of Salisbury, Clarence’s daughter. The last living Plantagenet by birth, she lived until 1541, when Henry VIII had her excecuted along with most of her family, the Poles.[/li][li]Margaret of York, Dowager Duchess of Burgundy, widow of Charles the Bold nd sister of Edw.ard IV and Richard III. She died childless.[/li][li]Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond, mother of Henry VII.[/li][/ul]

I’d be surprised if, other than immigrants, there was a single person in Britain who *wasn’t *descended from some Plantagenet or another. It’s simple mathematics.

But Prince Charles is himself directly descended from James VI and I - George I was James’ great grandson. As has already been stated, the links that the current royals have with the Tudors is through the Stuarts.