Question about sign language

Okay. I understand that deaf Americans use American Sign Language to communicate. I also happen to know that deaf people in New Zealand use New Zealand Sign Language (per a deaf friend in Auckland). I’m not sure how much difference there is between the two.

So what do deaf people in, oh, Iceland use? Japan? Mexico, etc.?

Could two deaf people from, say, Canada and Finland get together and sign and be able to understand each other?

International Sign Language or “Gestuno” is composed of signs from different sign languages that Deaf people agreed to use at international events and meeting.

Sign languages around the world are entirely different.

Oh :slight_smile: Thanks!


Check out these two sites (I’m an advocate of the system described):

The second one has the symbols animated. If you know German Sign Language, you’ll love it. If you know any Sign Language, you’ll be impressed anyway.

Funny, but I just ordered this yesterday from International Sign Language Dictionary: A Thirteen Language Dictionary of 2,500 American Sign Language Words

Also note WV_Woman, USA signs vary by state-&-to state sometimes. I can barely keep track of how
they sign from one part of California to another part of California, let alone every US state.