Question about Stephen Kings "IT"

why did Pennywise introduce himself as "Robert/Bob Gray to the Adult Bev?
Is there somthing I’m missing?

I don’t think there is."]This says the following:

Here’s how I always interpreted it. It assumes a human form in order to be able to lure children. In observing, It sees a clown who went by the name of Pennywise, but whose real name was Bob Gray. When It decided to assume his form for It’s own purposes, It adopted his name, too.

I don’t think there’s any real symbolism or anything that you didn’t pick up on.

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There was a Bob Gray in Dreamcatcher too. Hmmmm.

Oh COOL; I haven’t read It in years…but Mr. Gray was the evil…excellent.

I loathed the gangbang in It and I have no idea WHY the hell that was supposed to HELP and I HATED it and I HATED that it was a spider. BUT I admit getting there was a wonderful journey. He can weave a tale like nobody’s business; make characters live…but then poops out at the end. Kind of like Arthur C. Clarke. So I may read It one more time; I don’t know. Maybe just to see if he intertwined themes from other books.

That first sentence should say “Mr Gray was the evil in Dreamcatcher”