Question about strawberries

Not quite sure if there have been threads about this or not…are strawberries the only fruits with their seeds on the outside? Also, do strawberries have skin? Or are they unique in that as well?

A strawberry is an aggregate fruit (not actually a berry at all) - composed of many ovaries, each producing a single seed.

There are other fruits which bear their seeds on the outside, but not necessarily edible fruits.

Mantetout - aren’t all fruits edible by you, by definition?

The jury is still out on durians.

Nope. Or at least not necessarily. Some dictionary definitions will mention edibility, but in botanical terms it is just a ripened ovary, its contents, and any inseparable accessory tissues. A milkweed pod is a fruit, for example. While many fruits are designed to be eaten to aid in dispersal, not all are.

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