Question About T3 (spoilers)

K, why did Sarah Conner want all the heavy weopenry left in that coffin?
Who was it for? Where did the money come from?
As far as she knew Judgement day was not going to happen, so why would she have this done?
Seems awful convienient. And right now, it doesnt make any sence.

Thoughts? Care to make me look dumb? :smiley:

“Just in case”? I could easily imagine Sarah getting reeeeeeeeeeeally paranoid about the nuclear apocalypse, even after Judgement day had passed.

That’s pretty much what Arnold says in the movie. Sarah was never certain Judgment Day wouldn’t happen, hence the weapons.

As to the “where did the money come from” question, Sarah already owned all those weapons in the second movie. It was just a matter of moving it all.

But, if there was a nuclear apocalypse the weopens would of been destroyed in the blast. If she was smart she would of put them somewhere outside of the blast zones.

I guess she could of gone out on one hell of a limb and just assumed more terminators would be sent back to aid her son, and be able to determine that when that happens her son and his wife would find them and then be able to tell the Terminator about this in the future causing paradoxs’ I dont even want to think about.



OH! And how did the cops know they were hiding in that graveyard anyways? Who tipped them off?

They were in a metal casket that withstood a hail of gunfire from the police, remember? Unless the cemetary was at ground zero of a warhead, there’s a good chance IMO they would have survived.

I just assumed someone reported the veterinary truck (they did barge in through a locked gate, after all), then the police did a trace and put 2 + 2 together.

How did Arnie know the guns were there? He was programmed by Sarahs son’s future wife, so she would have to have known… now how did she know? Well the terminator led her there… how did he lead her there?.. she programmed him… how did she… i think you get the point, what did I miss?

That’s pretty much the “bootstrap paradox” that plagues the whole series in a nutshell. Skynet created itself by sending a terminator back in time, to be reverse engineered by Cyberdyne Systems, while at the same time, ensuring that the one man who would be capable of stopping it was born.

In the genesis of its creation were the seeds of its own destruction wrought.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve seen the movie so my recollection might not be spot-on but here goes…[ul]
[li]After the Terminator first saves John and Kate from the Terminatrix at animal hospital - when they are driving away - Kate calls 911 from the back of the truck using her mobile phone.[/li]
[li]When they stop at a petrol station, Kate leaps out of the back of the truck, kicking and screaming before the Terminator chucks her back inside - the attendant sees this happen, sees which direction they drive off in, and calls 911.[/li]
[li]When driving the truck through the desert, the Terminator throws out his ruptured fuel cell and it causes a god-awful explosion.[/li][/ul]
Not really all that hard for the authorities to track them down.

I think I can explain the weapons in the casket without any paradoxes. Arnie said that Sarah Connor wrote it into her will that the weapons be stored there, and her ashes scattered in some place in Mexico. It’s possible that a copy of this will survived Judgement day (Sarah would likely do everything in her power to ensure that it would), so that’s how the future people and the Terminator know about it.

What I didn’t catch was how Kate and John would have met if not for the events in T2. They were talking about this, and I’m sure I missed something – John was saying something about how the evil Terminator in T2 messed things up so he didn’t meet Kate (I think).

Oh, and, if the T-101 or T-800 (I can never remember which one Arnie is supposed to be) has two fuel cells that go KA-BOOM!!! if ruptured, you have to wonder why no previous Terminator has ever used these – you know, blow up and take your target with you; if you’re a machine you don’t care about “dying”.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I saw the movie but I thought Kate said that they had played some sort of “spin the bottle/7 minutes in heaven” at a party the night before John’s life went nuts in T2. They had met before T2 but they would have been a lot closer earlier if not for the interruption in John’s life.

I remember in Dean Koontz’s Lightning he said something interesting about time travel, “destiny struggles to reassert itself.” So, Kate and John were destined to be together and when their earlier meeting didn’t pan out, they met again later in life.

The hydrogen fuel cell or whatever struck me as pure deus ex machina, as it were. Two identical versions of the Arnie Terminator were completely destroyed (the first having its legs blown off by an improvised dynamite stick, then crushed in an industrial press; the second after having an iron bar plunged therough its chest and then lowered into molten steel) and there was no indication either time of an explosive overload from a damaged fuel cell. Contrived bullshit. Had the movie ended with Arnie letting the huge blast door fall on him and the damaged TX, crushing both of them, it would have made more sense (though it would still the violate the “cannot self-terminate” rule").

Ah, but you’re making the classic mistake when it comes to movie time traveling. There’s nothing that says the events play out in the same linear universe.

In the first movie, a sequence of events happened. The terminator was sent back and a human was sent back. That timeline continues, minus those two.

Back in the 1980’s, the travellers appear. Instantly, the timeline branches. The original branch continues with no travellers. The new branch is chronicled in the original movie.

In the sequel, a new branch is created in the 1990’s. This branch sets the stage for T3, which causes yet another new branch.

The 2003 branch had terminators with exploding energy cells. The other branches’ Skynets were different and built different terminators with different energy cells.

BTW, this also addresses many of the time paradoxes claimed by movie nitpickers.

Who’s to say that rule still applies? They could have easily reprogrammed that aspect of the Terminator, especially since it was shown earlier the Terminator tried to avoid human casualties, as a result of John Connor’s statement in T2 (which was also reprogrammed into the Terminator).

Something else that bothered me:

Ah-nold Termy’s mission was to protect John and…um, the girl from nuclear oblivion and anything else. Why did the girl’s father trick them into going to the VIP shelter? He couldn’t have known that nukes were on the way or the full extent of the machines’ autonomy.

Or do I have it wrong?

As long as we’re on the T3 topic, I’d also like to add that when the evil T800 scrolls through the secondary weapons, the flame thrower must have been about the weakest of them, right? I’d have like to have seen something super-rapid-fire that the three heros could have jumped out of the way of and ducked and other stunts.

Thanks mecaenas, I would of never figred that out. :slight_smile:

Bryan, I can see your point. But as you can probably tell these things are very dangerous. The chance of them exploding and causing a sort of “Self Terminate” would be too high. I would imagine there is some crazy cool armor around them. Im sure the puny dynamite was enough to break the 1st T-101 apart, but not enough to seriously damage the metals. Again even though hydrolic press’ are hella tough, the armor around the Fuel cells was probably much much tougher.
That bar, probably missed plunging through it. The thing about it not exploding in the lava, is that there would probably be no oxygen in the lava because thats how it explodes.
But yeah, it is a Deus Ex thing, and yes it can make sence.

Anyways, I really did like T3. Can’t wait for T4. and T5…and T6.

I hear T8 will be the best.:smiley:

You have it wrong.

  1. Dad tells them they need to go to Crystal Peak (or whatever) to enter the codes and stop Skynet.
  2. John and Kate ask where it is.
  3. Arnold tells them it’s in a heavily fortified base an hour away, and gives them exact directions. He is lying.
  4. Dad tries to correct him, but Arnold steps over his line.

You can’t make a decent explosive that depends on ambient oxygen. Think about how quick an explosion is. Think about how much oxygen you’d need in that time. As a back-of-the-envelope estimate, you could say there would be the same mass of oxygen as of fuel. Now, how are you gonna get all that oxygen to the explosive in time?

Chronos I’m not quite sure what you meant bro!
When you say,

I meant that the explosion of the fuel cells needed oxygen, because of what Arnie said. The reaction of oxygen with what ever is in them makes the big explosion. Since there was little or no oxygen in Lava, (i am not sure) I’d assume the explosion would not happen.
But, I admit I wasn’t sure what you meant, could your clarify your message for me?

Certainly, an explosive can use oxygen. It just can’t use ambient oxygen. As in, any oxygen contributing to the reaction must be stored in or with the explosive, in some form. You can’t get oxygen to explode with from a vat of molten metal, but you also can’t get enough oxygen from the atmosphere around you, either. So we need some other explanation for why Arnie didn’t go boom at the end of T2.