Question about the book Dolores Claibourne -- mild spoilers

Okay, this is more of a technical question than anything else.

Dolores’s employer doesn’t like dryers, so Dolores has to hang wet sheets out all the time – even in the middle of winter. Now, my question is, wouldn’t the sheets freeze solid, or at least parts of them? I seem to recall the old prank of freezing someone’s bra at a slumber party (you soaked it in water and stuck it in the freezer.) So how would the sheets be able to dry in such icy weather?

They would dry – eventually. Just takes longer.

I’ve seen photos of people hanging out laundry in an Alaskan winter.
Just because the water turns to ice doesn’t mean it won’t evaporate – it just takes longer. That’s how freeze-drying works (they typically speed up the process by putting the object under vacuum). It’s also why ice eventually disappears from your ice cube trays if you don’t use them for a long period of time.
I don’t have any experience with drying things out of doors in sub-zero weather, but people have been doing it, so I assume it works. If the laundry’s out in the sun, even if it’s white it’ll absorb some sun heat and start to thaw and, presumably, evaporate.

Ooo! One of my favorite books. Pity it’s such a boring question. :wink:

I have hung things out in freezing cold weather. Like others say, it just takes longer. It’s not a very smart thing to do, really - better to hang them inside - but I remember she was kind of a batty old bird anyway.

Then I’ll give you a set up line: “That’s the comment of a high riding bitch, Anaamika.”:wink:

I wondered if Vera didn’t so much prefer them dried outside as she was just a bitch and wanted to make it as inconvenient as possible for everybody who worked for her. In the novel IIRC she was a bit crazier even than the movie, such as (don’t read if you haven’t finished the book)not telling anybody her children were dead

How many pins was Dolores supposed to use per sheet? I remember that she’d watch from the house and yell out the instruction every. single. time. that Dolores hung them to dry. But I don’t remember how many pins per sheet.

Six pins, Dolores, not four!